Why Stay In A Boatel in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one place in Europe that is on pretty much every traveler’s wish-list. But millions of people visit there each year, which gives one problem that I’m sure most of you that have been there may have come across..
How expensive are hotels in Amsterdam?!

For us, a central location close to most of the things you want to see and do is vital when choosing where you are staying on a city break and hotels in the centre of Amsterdam can cost a fortune. There are, however, plenty of hotels out of the city centre that are much cheaper. Amsterdam has a very good public transport system due to their trams, making access to the centre very simple, meaning this could be a good option. Personally we prefer to be in walking distance of the centre so we looked at what other options we had..

Neither of us had used AirBnB before so we weren’t really sure about doing this is in a city we also hadn’t visited so ruled that out. Secondly, we hadn’t heard of couch-surfing at the time we went there (we hope to try both of these options elsewhere, in the near future). So this left us with either a hostel, which we would quite happily do, or staying on a boat.. A boatel. We opted for the latter as both of these were very similar price and cost MUCH less than getting a hotel in the centre of Amsterdam.


The Amazing View From Our Room


We stayed at AmicitiA Hostel Boat, which is located at Oosterdok, a short 5-10 minute stroll from the train station. We found our boat pretty easily (this dock is well signposted and easily navigable) and were excited but quite sceptical and didn’t know what to expect. We collected our key from from the desk and headed below deck to our cabin. The cabins on the AmicitiA were pretty cramped but all we were doing was sleeping in our room as the rest of our time would be spent out and about exploring so that doesn’t bother us. The only other thing we disliked was having a shared bathroom, but we knew this was the case when we booked it and is no different to most hostels anyway so again not a big problem. Other than that we loved it, it was a bit of a novelty knowing you’re actually sleeping at sea level and the porthole was a cool feature as well.. We had an amazing view across the water and even had a swan poking his head in to say hello!

The price that we paid for stay here in October 2015 was £50 per night, this also included a continental breakfast each morning, served in the public area. This area was accessible all day and night and was a good spot to meet other guests staying here. We thought getting a private room and breakfast for this price was fantastic value for Amsterdam.


The Communal Area Onboard AmicitiA


Boatel’s in Amsterdam can vary in quality just as much as any hotel. It can range from a hostel type boat that we stayed in, all the way to extremely luxurious, that offer any of your comforts. There are over 3000 houseboats in Amsterdam which you can find on Airbnb and even sites like Booking.com now have a section for boats as the accommodation type for the city as well. Comparing the price for these instead of a hotel is well worth doing and you could get yourself a really good deal, and it’s something different to try and say you’ve done it.

Overall we’d thoroughly recommend a Boatel when visiting this wonderful city!


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