vow2travel – Our New Website

Welcome to our new website which we have finally got up and running after buying a domain name a couple of days ago.

We started off as TravelVows on WordPress little over a month ago, which is where our earlier blog entries have been moved over from. But we want to grow our site and so thought the way forward was to make our own one up from scratch and purchase the domain name. TravelVows.com was already taken so this threw up our first issue.. What will we rename ourselves?! vow2travel is what we eventually agreed on for these reasons.

1. It simply states what we plan to do.

2. It makes up part of our tag line that featured even on our old page

3. The number 2 instead of ‘to’ represents the fact that we are a travelling couple.

So, we hope you love the name and our new look site.

After a lot of reading up on how to go about this (we know a bit about IT and computing but not techy enough to create a website!) we decided to use BlueHost as the host for our site, and also bought the domain there. Quite a lot of time and effort involved in doing this, but we have got plans for the site and are determined to make a success of it so it’ll be worth it in the long run!

As mentioned above, neither of us are technical wizards so this is something entirely new to us. We would appreciate any help or even feedback you guys could give us to improve the site. Don’t be scared to be critical if need be, we’re rookies at this and aren’t easily offended!

We have added a Bucket-List to the site, please let us know what’s on yours that you think we should have and follow us on our journey as we tick these off on our travels round the globe!

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