Top 10 Foods We Have Tried!

As well as travelling to new places we both LOVE trying the local cuisine and delicacies when we visit somewhere.

So.. We thought we’d give you some of our favourite foods we have tried while on our travels and where you will find these!

10. Kielbasa – Poland

A traditional Polish sausage which can be served in many different forms with regional variations, traditionally served at weddings.  We tried it in Krakow as a bar snack, served with a light mustard sauce, side salad and bread.. Simple but effective!


9. Goulash – Hungary/Czech Republic

You will find goulash in many Central European countries but we tried it in Czech Republic and also Hungary, where it is originally from and dates back as far as the 9th Century! A very versatile dish, it can be served as either a stew or soup and with various different types of red meat.


8. Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake) – Hungary

Again staying in Hungary but this time for a sweet treat. This is a sweet dough which is wrapped round a spit, rolled in sugar, roasted over charcoal and basted with butter until golden brown and toppings, such as nuts or cinnamon, then added to taste. You will find these all over the street stalls and markets in Budapest and the smell is divine!

7. Pigeon – France

On a trip to France in 2016 Aimee wanted to try escargots, or snails in English, (I know, she is disgusting)  but was disappointed they didn’t have it on the menu. So instead she opted for pigeon, another animal commonly served in traditional French restaurants, again with different variations. She opted for a fillet wrapped in a light pastry. Apparently it’s a bit like duck but a lil’ bit of a stronger taste, and was delicious!



6. Cichetti – Venice, Italy

Cichetti are small snacks or side dishes served in the Venice region of Italy. There are a lot of different variations of cichetti, as you may have gathered from the vague description, but the most common are portions of meat, seafood and vegetable ingredients served on a slice of bread or polenta. As they are bar snacks, the most Venetian thing you can do is wash them down with a spritz, or sparkling wine.. Which is exactly what we did!

5. Smørrebrød – Denmark

This name literally translates in Danish as ‘Bread butter’ and is essentially an open sandwich, but who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Hundreds of variations are available, but traditional toppings include pickled herrings, cured meats, cheese and boiled eggs. It is custom to pass the dish of sliced breads around the table, and then the different toppings for guests to help themselves to.
You will find restaurants and cafes selling these all over the place in Copenhagen and is something you’ve gotta try at least once.



4. Currywurst – Germany

Currywurst is a fast food dish originating from Germany that consists of steamed then fried Bratwurst sausage which is then sliced and covered in a ketchup and topped with curry powder. Apparently originating from post war Berlin, it is most commonly served with fries or a bread roll which you will be glad you’ve got to mop up that delicious curry sauce. Seriously, this is a MUST when in Germany!



3. Pad Thai – Thailand

You will find Pad Thai literally everywhere you go in Thailand and theres reason for it. It is so quick and easy to make, so is commonly found on street food stalls where it is made with the freshest ingredients. This dish consists of rice noodles, stir fried with eggs, flavoured with fresh vegetables and then usually meat, seafood or tofu. It will often be served with a wedge of lime and some crushed peanuts as well. This dish really is amazing and was voted number 5 in CNN’s Top 50 World Foods, and it usually only costs £1-£5.



2. Shrimp Trucks – Hawaii, USA

We all know about burgers, corn dogs etc that you can get all over the USA, but Hawaii has amazing cuisine all to itself. Our favourite savoury food was anything you get at the Shrimp trucks you will find in most cities and towns on the state’s different islands. We tried quesadillas, fish tacos, coconut shrimp, chilli shrimp and grilled chicken during our frequent visits to shrimp trucks in Maui and Honolulu and could pick from any of those things really, so it’s only fair to just tell you to visit shrimp trucks in general. Hawaii can be quite expensive, but the shrimp trucks are very cheap in comparison so great for your wallet too.



1. Thai Curry – Thailand

To be honest there are about 3 or 4 Thai dishes that could be included in this Top 10, but trying a curry in Thailand is a winner every time in my eyes; I could quite happily spend the rest of my days having this for dinner washed down with a cold Chang! Thai curries are so full of unique flavour, usually using galangal and lemongrass, and you can choose one that suits your tastebuds. The most common types of curry are red (My favourite!), green or massaman. The beauty of it is that most places will tailor the flavourings to how much spice you can handle as well, usually by adding more chillies or coconut milk. Like Pad Thai, these curries can be found on all street stalls and casual restaurants and usually cost the same amount as well.


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