One Day In Verona

Stepping foot off the train in Verona after spending the last few days in Venice the first thing we noticed was cars! We were so used to not looking for them in Venice we almost forget that they exist.

So we had the day to spend in Verona. Why did we choose here? We wanted to visit a city close to Venice with a fascinating history and great landmarks. So Verona ticked all the boxes. We maybe even fancied ourselves as Romeo and Juliet and wanted a shot of that balcony?

Upon entering the city centre we walked through Verona’s city gates, instantly transporting us back to medieval times and we enjoyed a pleasant walk to the city square. There we had breakfast, it consisted of a croissant, fresh coffee and the most fresh orange juice.




Fed and watered, we were ready to begin exploring Verona. The first place we visited was the Verona Colosseum which dated back to 1AD. We were surprised to learn that this amphitheater  was actually older than the more popular one in Rome, and it is in fact where their inspiration came from. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it was definitely the highlight of Verona.



Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? Yes we were looking for Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s Balcony, as it is known! We read that it was a tourist trap but we wanted to make a quick pit stop. The balcony is attached to the 13th century house where fictional Juliet is said to have lived. However, William Shakespeare never actually visited Verona.



We then headed towards Castelvecchio (Verona’s Castle). Taking the route along the Adige river allowed us to enjoy the roasting hot weather. There was plenty photo ops and things to look at along the way.



The construction of the castle was carried out in the fourteenth century and was a very important military base during this period. There was a museum in the castle grounds, so between that and walking round the castle we spent quite a lot of time here.



After visiting the castle, we headed back to the old town where we had some lunch and browsed the Piazza delle Erbe, market square in Verona. We also managed to gulp a cheeky few drinks before catching the train back to Venice.

Verona still has a very medieval feel about it, and visiting ancient constructions such as the Colloseum and Castelvecchio were the highlights for us and make it worth at least a day trip. We saw a lot of nice looking restaurants and cafes in the short time we were there, and it seemed like it would be a good place to visit and stay for a few days if you fancy somewhere different from the more mainstream Venice.

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