Tips While Visiting Thailand

A few tips and facts we learnt while we were in Thailand that are good to know:

Buddhism is the primary religion in Thailand by a long way. It is their belief that your head is precious (it is the closest part of your body to Nirvana) and that the soles of feet are dirty (and the furthest body part from Nirvana). Because of this, you should be careful not to touch or pat anyone’s head and also do not sit with your feet up or with your soles pointed towards someone.

The Thai people love their Royal Family, perhaps even more so than in the U.K. You are likely to see large portraits around many streets in city centres and public buildings.

Due to the fact their (now deceased) King’s face is on bank notes and coins, the worst thing you could do is drop money and stamp on it to stop it rolling/blowing away. Seriously, it can cause great offence to the Thai people and you could end up being prosecuted for your troubles.

Thailand takes its national anthem extremely seriously. Played twice a day, 8am and 6pm every day, Thais treat the national anthem with great respect and expect every one else to do the same. Every TV and radio station plays it, and it will be played over government building speaker systems, at the sky train and underground in Bangkok, bus stations, in parks and in most other public places. For tourists visiting Thailand, you should do the same even if just out of respect for their culture.

Thai foods and cuisine, curry for example, will often come with different levels of spiciness (Normally mild, medium, spicy and Thai spicy). We LOVE spicy food, and felt up to the challenge of Thai Spicy but believe me when I say this is not for the faint hearted! Usually locals will tell you if you’ve chosen a dish which is very hot but this is not always the case.

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